Sandship: Crafting Factory

post by Ardita Dita

Sandship: Crafting Factory - From the creators of Deep Town Sandship - this is a factory business in the post-apocalyptic science fiction world. You still have control over the last sand ship: a brilliant and clever plant that roams the true deserts of the distant world. Narante One is a very important person. After the accident that put your sand boat to sleep, you woke up in a world of desolation. Join us on our journey to discover forgotten technologies, work well tomorrow in industry and commerce and fight an evil religion that seeks to destroy you. Discover the secrets of this hidden land on your amazing sand ship.

Build future factories from scratch with this free game. Place equipment such as faucets, chemical mixers and sugar guns in the sandbox. The more tools you have, the higher the automation. Integrate these tools into portable belts to create a variety of goods ranging from copper wire and combustion machines to traditional technology that uses the ship’s famous power. Upgrade your sandbox and add larger factories so you have the ability to produce solid goods. Buy interesting items that you make to earn your credit, XP and get old boxes full of historical research. This knowledge of the past will bring a new ship of your energy, making it stronger, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

Your technology teacher is Garvey, an adult cyborg who needs your help to reconnect with his ancient world. Harvey will show you technical sand threads when you build and maintain more sophisticated factories along the way. Are you ready to travel through the lost desert with lots of adventure? An amazing group of aliens live on the planet. Someone loves and admires your ship. Some are ugly and want to destroy your ship, but you’re not sure you are. Fulfilling the desire to meet new people, see old ones, hear stories about forest fires and learn how this lively world collapsed in the past.

On a sand boat you can see a lot. Complete factory levels and create your own to share with other players. Be creative in the sandbox to experience new opportunities without using resources. Create a secret base to extract the most valuable resources, but be strong to prevent hordes of enemies from collecting them. New features and learning opportunities are added. The world of sand is still expanding.


Intended for entertainment:

free to play


one player

Futuristic combined line design for automated production

Publish everything from simple things to other technologies

Install other tools to create complex materials

Buy what you do for credits, XP and boxes containing ancient knowledge

Upgrade your ship with epic adventures

Increase your debt by buying real estate, appliances and jewelry

Develop 3D maps for creativity with settings

Complete the factory floor layers and distribute them yourself

See the world:

Help Harvey, your robotics teacher, rebuild the past

Complete quests to earn yourself and help the colorful inhabitants of Narante One

This is an adventure in another world inhabited by aliens and robots

Check out lost people and find out their secret stories

Defend your ship from the multitude of invading enemies

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